Here, SHALAK is an amazing company in the field of wooden products

Unique bedroom set
Minimal design, engineering, beautiful
Mahtab bedroom set
Along with shelves and bookshelves suitable for modern decoration
Lima bedroom set
Beautiful and different. With regular and eye-catching lines
Rasa bedroom set
beautiful and unique design
Elina bedroom set
Modern - minimal - beautiful - eye-catching
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The variety of designs ↑and colors↓ of our products has distinguished us from our competitors

The magic of wood and the beauty of nature

"Wood, with its magic, conveys the beauty of nature to the heart of its products."
"In the art of producing wooden artifacts, each piece of wood brings a story of beauty and magic of nature."
"When wood and the beauty of nature are mixed together, a magical and inspiring result is created to create works of art."
"Wood, as a natural material, has been able to capture the beauty and warmth of nature with its magic in every piece it is made of."
"When wood is combined with the hands of skilled artists, the magic of life can be clearly seen in every part of its products."
"Wood, inspired by the beauty of nature, turns each piece into a unique and amazing work of art."


Get to know the code of ethics of our colleagues in Shalak.

Product production steps
In Shalak company

We know that selling is the beginning of a commitment, so we try to be the best.

What is the difference between Shalak and other brands?
Important elements in the design of Shalak products
Why is minimal design attractive?

Product quality: Shalak has a good reputation in the field of producing high-quality wooden products, and using high-quality raw materials and modern technologies, it produces high-quality, engineered, minimal, attractive and long-lasting products.

Variation in color: Shalak company produces all kinds of wooden products in different colors that respond to different tastes and needs of customers.

After-sales service: Shalak pays special attention to after-sales service and support for dear customers, and provides optimal services to its customers through repairs, maintenance and technical consultations.

Reasonable price: The products produced in Shalak, due to their quality and prestige, have a reasonable price and in many cases cannot compete with other brands.

Simplicity and low budget: the use of simple elements, without exaggeration and cost, is one of the main design features of Shalak products.

Simple and relaxing colors: The use of simple colors to create a sense of peace and cleanliness in the space is considered in the design of Shalak products.

Use of quality artefacts: Choosing quality and simple artefacts for our products in order to increase the beauty and efficiency in the space is our concern.

Emphasis on lines and shapes: It is important to use simple lines, regular geometric shapes and smooth surfaces to create a coherent and harmonious appearance in the space in Shalak products.

Minimal design can be attractive and noticed for the following reasons:

Beauty in simplicity: Minimal design with simplicity, lack of redundant details and focus on the most important elements, gives a special and relaxing beauty to the space.

A sense of calmness: Spaces and objects that are designed in a minimal way often inspire a sense of calmness, simplicity and cleanliness to the audience and create these positive feelings in people.

Focus on details: In minimal design, details and elements are carefully selected and considered, which causes more focus on important details and striking beauty.

The feeling of a larger space: reducing unnecessary accessories and details gives people the feeling of a larger space.